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Search for your New Dream Home

Ready to buy new?

Looking to buy a home…think brand NEW!! There are many benefits associated with purchasing a brand new home:

1. PERSONALIZE AND CUSTOMIZE your home to suit your taste, your needs. You are given the creative freedom to make your home your own through the process of making selections in our professional Design Studio, with the guidance of our experienced Design Studio Consultant. Customize your floorplan to meet your lifestyle and create a functional living space while creating a comfortable , warm and inviting home to enjoy….and choose your location!

2. YOUR NEW HOME WARRANTY offers you peace of mind. New homes come with a Tarion New Home Warranty and manufacturer’s warranties. Resale homes, however, may need new roofs, heating and air conditioning units, plumbing and electrical at anytime due to their deterioration over time, which can be quite costly. When everything in your home is new, you can plan ahead with greater confidence. You know that your budget will not be strained by home repairs or replacements for a long time.

3. FOR YOUR HEALTH - New homes are built with materials that are free of asbestos, lead and the types of particle board and plywood that contaminate the air with formaldehyde emissions. Many older homes were built with these toxic materials. For instance, asbestos is often found in older homes, textured ceilings, pipes, insulation, floor tiles, roof tiles and cement board. Lead was often used in paint and in solder for plumbing.

4. YOUR SAFETY - Builders are meeting higher safety standards today than they were required to in the past. Statistics indicate that new home buyers will be almost six times less likely to die in fires than occupants of older homes. Standard features today include smoke detection systems, circuit breakers and ground fault interrupters.

5. ENERGY EFFICIENCY - New homes typically consume half as much energy as homes built before 1980. More efficient heating and cooling systems, better windows, controlled air filtration, controlled water flow and improved insulation will save you money every month in utility bills.

6. PEACE OF MIND - You, your family and your guests will enjoy the good feelings that come from being in a new home. Everything in your home will be clean and new. You won’t need to worry about discovering the reasons why the previous owner chose to live elsewhere.

7. YOUR NEIGHBOURS - In a new community, everyone is moving into the area at the same time which gives you something in common with your new neighbours. This often facilitates meeting the people around you and creating lasting friendships. There won’t be any pre-established social circles to work your way into and you will be discovering new things about your neighbourhood at the same time everyone else does.

Parkview Homes will make your home buying experience stress free. We are right beside you through the building experience. Ongoing communication with our dynamic team of experts throughout the purchase, design, building and construction phases means you will always know exactly what’s going on and after all it is YOUR new home!

Search for your New Dream Home

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