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Green Building

Today, 17% of the Energy consumed in Canada is used to run our homes. Building more efficient homes helps mitigate global climate change by reducing approximately three tonnes of green house gas emissions per year. The Government of Canada, through the One-Tonne Challenge, is asking all Canadians to reduce their annual GHG emissions by approximately three tonnes per year. An Energy efficient home is a great step towards meeting the One-Tonne Challenge!

Building an energy efficient home is the environmental equivalent of planting about an acre of trees and that makes us smile!

Peterborough's First ENERGY STAR Qualified Home

We introduced Peterborough's first Energy Star qualified home in January of 2008.

As part of our ongoing program to promote better building practices and raise environmental awareness, we are proud to have been the first homebuilder in Peterborough to build ENERGY STAR qualified homes.

Current Building Practices

We introduced Peterborough's first Energy Star qualified home in January of 2008.

In January 2012, The Ontario building code implemented its final phase of changes to meet the government commitment to energy efficiency in new homes and large buildings. A 2012 built home will offer what is deemed to meet or exceed an 80 on the EnerGuide scales when evaluated to technical requirements of NRCAN’s, “EnerGuide for new houses; Administrative and technical procedures.” MMAH (Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing) have set out different methods of how this can be obtained which builders can then apply. In addition, new air barrier requirements resulting in a tighter home equivalent to 3.1 air exchanges per hour. Air Changes per Hour (ACH), estimates how many times in one hour the entire volume of air inside the building leaks outside.

Quick Facts:

  • OBC 2006 is 22% more efficient than 1997 OBC
  • OBC 2012 is 37% more efficient than 1997 OBC

Major areas of improvement in The Ontario Building Code included the air barrier, thermal design and energy efficiency requirements. As a result, this includes new requirements for window and door thermal resistance, above grade and below grade insulation, furnace, hot water tank, HRV efficiency and the continuity and design of an air barrier.

Not all homes are created equal… Just as a 2012 Ontario Building code home can be achieved through a list of prescribed items so can an Energy Star qualified home. It is important to understand what items are going into your home, if tradeoffs are being applied and what your return on investment might be. For example an Energy Star qualified home has a requirement for electrical savings which contributes to the overall operation costs of your home. While compact fluorescent fixtures or bulbs in your hallway may give you 50 credits it may not have the same return on investment as a Energy Star Qualified refrigerator! An EnerGuide rating shows a standard measure of your home's energy performance. It shows you (and future buyers) exactly how energy efficient your home is.

An EnerGuide rating shows a standard measure of your home's energy performance. It shows you (and future buyers) exactly how energy efficient your home is.

The rating is calculated based on standard operation assumptions so that you can compare the energy performance of one house against another.

The home's energy efficiency level is rated on a scale of 0 to 100. A rating of 0 represents a home with major air leakage, no insulation and extremely high energy consumption whereas a rating of 100 represents a house that is airtight, well insulated and sufficiently ventilated.

The EnerGuide for New Houses (EGNH) program has been proposed in a number of jurisdictions in Canada as a regulatory means of evaluating the energy efficiency of new homes.

Our current building practices meets and in some ways exceeds the previous Energy Star rating.

Protecting the Environment

At Parkview Home, we provide homebuyers with an Environmental Stewardship brochure when they purchase one of our Conservation Community homes. This brochure educates homebuyers with the information they need to help protect the environment in and around their new home and community. It also covers the steps taken when the development was designed to protect the natural environment. As a conscientious homebuilder, it is important to have homebuyers understand the significance and sensitivity of the surrounding natural areas, while enjoying the beauty of its complexities. There are simple ways homeowners can contribute to conserving wetlands and conservation lands such as using environmentally friendly products where possible, choosing native plants, fencing their yards, considering the impact of noise, lighting and domestic pets.

For more information on our Green Building efforts, speak with one of our New Home Specialists.

Parkview Advantage

  • 10 Reasons You're in Good Hands with Parkview Homes!

    Here are the top ten reasons why you will always be in good hands with Parkview Homes:

    1. Sincere, knowledgeable, experienced New Home Specialists with a genuine interest in you, your needs, your budget, lifestyle & design requirements.
    2. Building quality homes for over 25 years.
    3. Professional Design Studio to help you with personalizing and customizing the interior and exterior of your new home.
    4. Unique guided service of blueprint review, pre-drywall walk through and new home orientation.
    5. Excellent standing with Tarion Warranty Program.
    6. Highly competitive incentives and pricing; HST included in the cost of our homes.
    7. Extensive selection of desirable builder standard finishes.
    8. Professional in-house home design team of architects and interior designers.
    9. Dedicated construction team.
    10. Reliable and caring after sales Customer Service & Support.
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